About of Sciences Academy

We believe that autonomous universities and autonomous research institutions and basic academic freedoms are necessary for the development of science and scientific research. Like all world academies, the Sciences Academy is a society that respects scientific merit, honesty, principledness, fairness, justice and freedom principles, regardless of the policies of governments.

The main feature of the Sciences Academy, which distinguishes it from other science academies, is to bring together scientists who are engaged in R & D studies in the fields of engineering, medicine and science, and to carry out joint activities .

For this purpose, Sciences Academy was created to create technological synergy. In addition, a project market platform has been established in which project researchers can present their projects.

The Sciences Academy aims to bring together researchers from different disciplines and scientists from the fields of engineering, medicine and science.

 Since the researchers and R & D scientists cannot be present in the same city and country, an academy of sciences platform has been established on the internet. Science Committees will be established in every city and country of the Sciences Academy.

Ever ambitious, always curious, the Researchers is committed to increasing its research activity by focusing on engineering-led multidiscplinary growth areas that target a number of global challenges, including future manufacturing, industrial engineering, energy, security, data and renewable energy systems.

We want to make engineering an attractive and exciting workshop that appeals to a wide range of researcher and the impact and translation of our research outputs is fundamental to this goal. Providing strong support for member academics allows us all to focus on translating our research outcomes into products, processes and services that benefit wider society and face down global challenges.

Sciences Academy aims to bring together scholars from different countries of the world representing different scientific disciplined such as Engineering and Architecture, Social Sciences, Physical-Mathematical Sciences, Educational Sciences, Life Sciences, Health and Medicine Sciences. It is expected that this kind of inter-disciplinary approach will help in broadening academic horizons and bridging the gap between disciplines. Finally, sciences Academy aims to create an academic platform for academicians and researchers from different disciplines to share their experience and collaborate across disciplines and cultures.

The Sciences Academy is one of the fastest growing technical societies . For over 2 years, Sciences Academy has facilitated and guided the development and innovation in technology. This technology encompasses the effective use of electronic and equipment components, the application of theory and design techniques, and the development of analytical tools toward efficient conversion, control and condition of working. 

The Sciences Academy aims to create a platform bringing together academicians and researchers at R&D companies from various sub-fields of all engineering areas,  Industry, traing, Intelligent Systems, Informatics, Naturel and Life Sciences, Business and Economics and etc.

Along with organising seminars, project applications, meeting, workshops, national and international conferences and educational programs, Sciences Academy will be regularly published high quality international journals encouraging research activities of academicians and researchers at R&D companies, both experienced and novice.