Smart Systems Society

Smart Systems Society

Smart Systems Society

The Smart Systems Society- SSS aims to create a platform bringing together academicians and researchers at R&D companies from various sub-fields of all Intelligent Systems areas, Artifical Intelligent and Neural Neywork,Traing, Smart  software and applications, Fuzzy Logic, Smart Home application, Smart City, Image Processing, Signal Processing, Robotics, Smart Materials, Space Environment and Aviation Technology, Systems Engineering, Transport and etc. . Along with organising seminars, project applications, meeting, workshops, national and international conferences and educational programs, AERS regularly publishes high quality international journals encouraging research activities of academicians and researchers at R&D companies, both experienced and novice, and presenting new contributions and perspectives in Academic Researches to an international audience.

SSS promotes contact among scholars and practitioners in the fields of Intelligent Knowledge Systems Researches through the publication of journals, as well as the organization of seminars, conferences, and workshops where scholars and practitioners share practices and new developments.

 The Society of Smart Systems organizations social networking, improve their technical competence, and socialize with fellow professionals. The Society is a multi-disciplinary organization dedicated to education and the exchange of information among the various academic organizations and servicing  offers opportunities to bring professionals together for recognition, fellowship, and the exchange of information. These opportunities for the social and educational enrichment of the membership will be provided through electronic and printed page, electronic media, conferences, workshops, bienals, and live presentations.

The Mission Statement of SSS is to

– publish high quality journals in SSS
– encourage new perspectives in SSS
– organize workshops, seminars and conferences
– arrange training programs


Our Vision
To be the focus of leading research and science for design, science, technology and art in national and international terms, To have high academic contentment levels for both students and academic members, To research and realise national and international projects for global development, to create and support the academic members for these developments, To direct the future of the environment and nature by scholars joining in social life for the public interest to transfer their knowledge, To sustain the continuous development of the academic research, by adopted principles of total quality management.