The Online Startup Market (Projects Bazaar) is a promotional opportunity. Startup Market is a new form of meeting

Online Startup Market (Projects Bazaar) is a new form of meeting. The Online Startup Market (Projects Bazaar) is not a project competition. but The Online Startup Market is a promotional opportunity. The purpose of the Online Startup Market is to provide an environment where academics, industrialists, researchers and students can find support for concrete R&D project ideas.The opportunity to meet face-to-face in a virtual environment will be provided with those who want to invest or become partners in the project.

The Online Startup Market (Projects Bazaar) is a promotional opportunity. Startup Market is a new form of meeting

The Online Startup Market (Projects Bazaar), which will be held the coordination of Sciences Academy in cooperation with technology development zones, organize industrial zones, universities, R&D institutions, incubation centers and entrepreneurship ecosystem stakeholders and its will be held on September 2020 year at online internet.


The event will be organized the high technology and high value-added entrepreneurship ecosystem, to implement innovative ideas and to ensure the commercialization of innovative products and to ensure that the projects enjoy visibility in the regional, national and international arena.

Entrepreneurs who want to showcase their projects or visitors who want to examine the projects should fill an online form via 

The selected projects, which will be determined by the expert evaluators with criteria in innovation, commercialization potential, market potential, social and/or environmental impact and project team, will be exhibited on projects bazaar web site. The project owners will be brought together with national and international investors and business circles.

Through the event, there will be opportunities of finding investors and buyers for projects in various fields ranging from engneering, food, agriculture, intelligent systems, health technologies and wearable technologies to defense industry and industry 4.0 applications. 

The Startup Market (Projects Bazaar) event, which will be held for on the internet  this year, has gone beyond being a organization and has been positioned as a sustainable effort covering many years. 

As a result, Startup Market (Projects Bazaar) is new meetup format. We want to build a safe place where you can meet interesting people, discuss your ideas, demo your project, get feedback and helping hand.


Conditions of Participation:

Participation with the Project:.

The Sciences Academy R&D and Innovation Startup Project Market Event will be held on the website of the Eurasia Sciences Academy on 01-04 September 2020. Participation conditions determined within this scope are given below.

Conditions of Participation

The Eurasia Sciences Academy , R&D and Innovation Startup Project Market Event will be held on the website of the Eurasia Sciences Academy on 01-04 September 2020. Participation conditions determined within this scope are given below.

1- Participation in the Startup Project Market Event is free.

2- There is no number limitation in project proposals.

3- Project proposals will be evaluated within the categories determined by the Eurasia Sciences Academy R&D and Innovation Startup Market (Projects Bazaar) Organization Committee. The categories determined within the scope of the event;

+ Agriculture, Chemistry, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology (Agricultural and Animal), Food

+ Energy, Machinery, Electric-Electronic, Construction, Industry

+Software, Virtual Reality, IT, Robotics, Smart Home, Smart City, Smart Device, Smart Car, Smart Drones and Artificial Intelligence

+ Health, Medicine and Medical Technologies, Biomaterials, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics

+ Life Sciences, Education and Education Technologies, E-Learning

4- If the project proposal is registered in the wrong category, the project will be out of evaluation. The  Science Board of Startup Market (Projects Bazaar) has no responsibility for any mistakes made during registration.

5- Academicians, graduate and doctorate students (masters and doctorate students will be able to participate together with their advisors or within their permission) industrialists, those who are professionally interested in these fields and those who work in professional companies, and can participate as a team. In team participation, all team members must meet the conditions of participation in the relevant category, and one person must be a project manager.

6- It is the Eurasia Sciences Academy that organizes and finances the Startup Project Market Activity. It will have the right to publish, archive and display all the project proposals exhibited at the Eurasia Sciences Academy, R&D and Innovation Startup Project Market Event.

7- The Eurasia Sciences Academy will be able to use and reproduce all the project proposals that have received awards and are deemed worthy of exhibition, in corporate identity works, in all kinds of printed materials and digital media that will represent the Eurasia Sciences Academy, in similar environments and activities such as media, advertising and promotional products. In this context, the participant will not be able to claim any copyright other than the prize.

8- Projects exhibited in different project markets can participate in the Startup Market (Projects Bazaar) event, but the awarded projects are not rewarded again. The legal responsibilities arising from the fact that the project proposals participating in the event are not original and that they were presented to the market or participated in a similar contest belong to the participant. In case of detection of such situations, the project owner is disqualified from the competition and the award of the winners of the disqualification is taken back.

9-Product, patent, prototype etc. exhibition, product, patent, prototype etc. the copyrights of their works belong to someone else, their exhibition permissions are not completed, their patent does not belong to the exhibitor / participants, etc. Legal responsibilities arising from the situations belong to the participant. The Startup Market (Projects Bazaar) Organisation Committee does not have any responsibility for any negligence.

10- Participants in the Eurasia Sciences Academy R&D and Innovation Project Bazaar Event are deemed to have accepted all the conditions mentioned above.


Applications to the Online Startup Market (Projects Bazaar) are subject to preliminary evaluation by Agency specialists before they are sent to the jury evaluation.

In the preliminary evaluation;

1- A technology oriented project / product,
2- It is evaluated whether the project / product is at least in the prototype stage; 
3-Projects that are technology oriented but have not completed the prototype phase are directed to another mentoring program, another module in the Projects Bazaar platform. These projects will be evaluated in the category that has not reached the prototype stage.

Projects that do not meet these three criteria will  be eliminated in the preliminary evaluation.

At this stage, Agency staff reserves the right to interview the project owner entrepreneur and to examine the project.

The points given by the Agency experts who made the preliminary evaluation to the project have a 20% share in the final evaluation.

Jury Evaluation

Projects that passed the preliminary assessment; It is sent to juries from outside the Agency, who have worked as an entrepreneur and / or experienced in the field of entrepreneurship and / or have close work with entrepreneurs, for evaluation.

Scoring Criteria:
Projects submitted to the Startup Market (Projects Bazaar) are evaluated over 100 points for each of the 5 titles, taking into account the following issues.

Innovation (25%):

The potential of creating significant benefits, solving problems, eliminating a critical and urgent problem or need is scored by differentiating it from the existing products, services or technology similar to the current ones.

service or technology in the submitted Project differs from its current counterparts

Points are scored based on whether the proposed product, service or technology in the submitted Project differs from its current counterparts, creating significant benefits, solving problems, potential to eliminate a critical and urgent problem or need.

Commercialization Potential (30%):

In the title of commercialization potential;

* Ease of realization of the project (necessary human resources, equipment, financing, infrastructure, production process, complexity),

* Additional R&D and similar development activities and expenditures with its current technological state. 

* Lack of uncertainty and risks for producing final products,

* Being able to be produced with existing technology and equipment, additional technology development does not require R&D and “joint innovation”,

* Scalability: The output of the project is easy to produce at a rational level, in quality and size, from which the product can be earned (whether it is possible to give service to a sufficient number of people),

* If the output of the project is a service product, it can be sold and presented,

* The output of the project is the state of the logistics difficulties of the product,

* It does not require huge investment for production,

* No critical permits and licenses and no political risks,

* It is not difficult to disagree or license the third parties 'or institutions' intellectual property (patent, trademark) in its release;

* When the output of the project is brought to the body, there are no strong private sector competitors or lobby groups that may prevent the product from being commercialized and holding onto the market.

It is scored.

Market Potential (30%)

In the market potential title;

* The size of the current market in the relevant sector,

* The size of the mass that the product can be sold in the current market,

* The size of the market that the product targets in the mass to which it can be sold
it is scored

Social and Environmental Benefits (5%)

Under the heading of social and environmental benefits

* The social benefits of the project, the aspects that touch the public conscience, the promotion of social assistance, solidarity and integration, overseeing disadvantaged groups, overseeing gender equality, etc.

* Environmental sustainability: Low resource utilization, environmental sustainability, low carbon emissions and wastes, if any
It is evaluated.

Team (10%)

In this title, team competencies and skills are scored.

Conflict of Interest
The jury members send the project back due to a conflict of interest through the system when there is a conflict of interest with the assigned projects. In this case, the project is assigned to another jury.

Final Scoring
Each project is evaluated by at least two jury members, and the final project score is calculated by taking the arithmetic average of the scores of the jury members. If there is a difference of more than 15 points among the jury members, the same project is evaluated by a third jury member, and the arithmetic average of the two points closer than the three evaluation points is determined as the final project score.

One entrepreneur can take part in the Project Market with more than one project.